Trick or Thrash Mix

01. Lord Ryur- Heroes After Heroes
02. Le Griffe- Fast Bikes
03. Triumph – Headed For Nowhere
04. Grave- Grave Boogie
05. Ricochet- Midas Light
06. JJ’s Powerhouse- Running For the Line
07. Black Sabbath- Hole In The Sky
08. Holy Moses- In The Slaughterhouse
09. Cemetary- Where the Rivers Of Madness Stream
10. Blood- Dogmatize
11. Slavestate- Dystopia
12. Suffer- Sleeping Beauty
13. Legions of Death- Politics and Religion
14. Malevolent Creation- Remnants of Withered Decay
15. TimeBomb- Witness of Demise
16. Lycanthrophy- Don’t Trust Them, Trust Yourself
17. Fleshcrawl- Fleshcult
18. Onslaught- Thrash Till The Death
19. whiplash- Stage Dive
20. Predatur- Seen You Here

Trick or Thrash!

Random odds and ends that i have been meaning to use on various past mixes that have been thrown together to stand on their own. The title of the mix has less to do with the music and more to do with a nod to the 1986 movie, “Trick or Treat” (If you haven’t seen it, do so now).

I hope the mix is worth your time and I updated it with a new song, removing a song I had used in a previous mix.

-Chris M.


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